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We are a family of guinea pig lovers who have a large amount of knowledge and experience of guinea pigs, including exhibiting in the past. We have a mix of guinea pigs including pedigree show quality examples which are great as pets but also for show breeders.

The family consisits of the following:
• Elaine - The brains and expert regarding guinea pigs. What she doesn't know isn't worth knowing.
• Dave - The geek who created the website, takes the pictures and maintains the hutches.
• The Girls - Our daughters who ensure all our pets get lots of love and help with feeding.

We breed our guinea pigs in order to improve our lines and to allow us to continue with our hobby. As a result we do have babies available that are surplus to our requirements and therefore we look for loving homes for these babies.

We can also offer affordable, quality accomodation for boarding guinea pigs and rabbits. So, if you are going away for a few days, a week, a month and you are worried about what you can do with your beloved pets then feel free to get in touch. What we offer is experienced and hands on care for all animals that visit us. We will consider all your requests and do whatever we can to abide by your wishes


We are located in the North of Bristol in Little Stoke. Being located here means we are easily accessible from the A38 near to Rolls Royce and Royal Mail, therefore only minutes from the M4/M5 Almondsbury Junction or alternatively from Abbeywood and the M32. For those less familiar with the area, we are approximately 5 minutes from Cribbs Causeway Shopping Mall.


The following declarations are here to establish our situation as hobbyist breeders and photographers and to testify that we are in no way a business with regards to supplying animals or photographing them. Should either of these situations change in the future, we will alter these declarations accordingly.


We do not supply guinea pigs, food or boarding with the intention of making a profit. All monies obtained via these means are to fund the keeping of our animals by providing them with food, bedding, housing, shelter, veterinary care, medicines and other associated costs. We are grateful for everyone that has and continue to support us by purchasing from us.

Image Copyright

All images on this site are photographed and owned by Dave. He has full rights to all the images found on this site. Anyone wishing to obtain any images should contact us here and we will see what can be done to help.