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Breeding Considerations

We don't recommend attempting to breed unless you are totally confident with keeping and caring for the adults and babies. However, should you be interested in having a few little babies then here are a few basics to help.

• They can reach sexual maturity from as young as 4 weeks old.
• They come into season every 14-17 days.
• Pregnancy lasts approximately 10 weeks. Female will look rounded from 6 weeks.
• Litter sizes vary from 1-4 on average though can be as many as 7ish
• Be wary breeding from a female for the first time that is over 12 months old. This is because if she hasn't been mated prior to this then she may have increased problems giving birth compared with a younger sow.

• They reach sexual maturity from around 7-10 weeks old.
• They MUST be removed from the female before the birth as mating will take place immediately after the birth which isn't fair on the female.
• If you have a pair of boys and put one or both with females then be aware you cannot then put the boys back together. THEY WILL FIGHT!!!

Remember, if you do decide to breed then you need to ensure the female is in healthy condition, that you monitor their health throughout the pregnancy, that you have enough space to cope with the babies (esp with the need to split the males and females) and you realise that baby deaths and abnormalities do unfortunately occur.

BEST ADVICE LAST: Speak to other breeders. They have the experience to help and guide you. Good Luck