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General Care

Guinea pigs are easy to look after but there are a few things you need to know to help with the care of them.

• First and most important, handle and interact with your guinea pigs as much as you can especially when they're young. Makes all the difference.

• Regularly check teeth and nails. They continually grow and so can become long. Eating of hay will help keep teeth trim but the addition of wood for them to chew on can help. Apple wood is a favourite. Nails do occasionally need trimming. It can be done fairly easily, taking a little off each time, though you may find you're not comfortable doing it. If so consult a local breeder and they'll usually be happy to help.

• Their coat should always be clean and shiny. If you see the guinea pig scratching then this is likely to be due to mites. This can be easily treated with products, such as Ivermectin, available from any good pet shop.

• Young guinea pigs can be prone to fungal skin problems. If so then don't panic. It's more irritating than harmful to guinea pig. Consult a breeder, rather than a vet, as there are some inexpensive ways of dealing with it.

• Guinea pigs need a lot of vitamin C to keep them healthy so as long as you feed them as advised in our Feeding guide then you should have no problems. However, should your guinea pig show any signs of illness then please contact the breeder you bought them from or consult a vet as soon as possible.

• Don't let boredom enter the guinea pigs lives. This is part of the reason we recommend to always keep guinea pigs in at least pairs. However, should you handle them regularly and add toys such as tunnels and wood items then boredom will never be an issue.


Here is a little list of what you'll be needing to get started with:

• Hutch/Cage - see our Housing guide.
• Food Bowl - any small/medium sized bowl.
• Water Bottle - 'Classic' bottles are ideal.
• Food - see our Feeding guide.
• Shavings/Bedding - see our Housing guide.
• Hay - see our Feeding guide.
• Toys - Buy or make them. There are loads of options.
• Treats - fruit and vegetables are the best treats.