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Choosing - Which Ones?

We'll try to help you decide which guinea pigs to buy.

• Male or Female? Makes little difference especially when buying together from the same breeder. As an example, all of our guinea pigs are born in the same nursery hutch and seperated into single sex groups when weaned. This allows them all to bond well.

• Hair length is another big consideration. Short, Long and medium length guinea pigs are available. Short and medium need little to no grooming. Long haired can need grooming or occasional haircut so please bear this in mind.

• The last factor is colours. This is all down to personal preference so make sure you take a look at some and whichever ones make you go Awwww are the ones for you.

Important Note: Although we do not insist on you purchasing a 'pair' of guinea pigs, we would advise you that guinea pigs are communal animals and therefore do thrive with company. In the wild they usually live in groups of 1 boar and 7-10 sows. Please do always consider keeping at least 2 guinea pigs together as you will get the most out of them and lessen the chance of boredom or depression.

Choosing - Where to buy from?

Now you have decided what guinea pigs you'd like, where should you get them from??? Obviously this would be a prime opportunity for us to say YOU MUST BUY FROM US but we're not like that. Your options are:

• A reputable breeder.
• A pet shop.
• Random private seller.
• Rescue Centre.

So, which one? We'd say choose a reputable breeder. You may need to do a little more research, checking websites, speaking to friends etc to find one but there are good ones about.

Why a reputable breeder?
• A breeder will have handled their babies since birth. This means they are less skittish and much more used to being handled. This is ideal when buying for younger children as a first pet.

• Good quality and healthy stock. You can be more assured that the pets you buy are from a healthy and good quality source. Also, you know exactly where they are from unlike pet shops which often import from farms. You can also see the babies parents and the conditions that they are kept in.

• Usually a better choice of colours and varieties.

• You can be more certain of the age from a reputable breeder as they will have knowledge of all their births. You'll notice this by the smaller size of babies at a breeder than in pet shops, which can claim guinea pigs are younger than they are.

• A reuptable breeder will be able to guarantee the gender of your guinea pigs 99.9% of the time to avoid unwanted pregnancies in your new pets

• A good breeder should have knowledge of all the care and requirements for keeping guinea pigs. Additionally, they should make themselves available for help in the future.

Special note about Rescue Centres.

The majority of rescue centres do a fantastic job of giving unwanted pets somewhere to live and often new homes to go to. Feel free to check out local rescues for guinea pigs but please be aware that they rarely have genuine babies and so you'll need to have some experience and patience to get the most from them. Not knowing their exact history does mean you also need to be careful if buying for young children. As with buying from a breeder, check them out and see if you can find what you're looking for.