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Initial Advice

Welcome to our little advice area. In this area you will find information on what you need to keep guinea pigs, where to buy them and some other little nuggets of useful information. We do not claim to be experts but we have got extensive knowledge of keeping and breeding guinea pigs.

The first and most important thing to know is that guinea pigs are probably the perfect pet for children. They are easy to look after, easy to handle, do not need expensive jabs at the vets and also they are comparatively cheap to buy and keep. Children can learn the responsibility of pets without the worry of being bitten or scratched and while they enjoy the wonderful personalities that guinea pigs have.


AS we previously mentioned, guinea pigs are very easy to look after but please read and remember these considerations before you buy.

• Are you prepared to commit to their care for approximately 5-7 years, as that's their life expectancy?
• Do you have the space to put a suitably sized hutch or cage, preferably 4 feet (120cm) long for a pair?
• Do you have the time to spend giving attention, feeding and of course cleaning out the guinea pigs?
• Can you afford the initial cost of hutch/cage, bowl, water bottle, food, hay, shavings and toys?
• Can you afford the ongoing costs of food, hay, replacing items and possible vet bills?
• Are you prepared to have a lot of fun with a fantastic little pet?

If you've answered YES to all of these then please use the above links to learn more about having these fantastic animals as pets.