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Thank you for taking the time to quickly read this simple message.

As you are aware, we allow people to come to our home to see our guinea pigs, hutches and supplies. We do this in our own free time at times that are convenient for the people wishing to visit. However, we are fairly regularly let down by people failing to turn up without any notice.

We are a family with two children and as such, our free time is important to us so do not appreciate having our time wasted by people who can't be bothered to turn up as agreed or to inform us otherwise.

Visiting Us

Please do the following when arranging to visit.

• Pick a time that you know you can make. We are more flexible with our times than most breeders/boarding facilities.
• If boarding, please do call us a day or two before to confirm arrival time.


• Contact us ASAP. We DO NOT CARE what the reason is but WE DO CARE about having our time wasted.
• If you have reserved animals and we do not hear from you in some way, we will make them immediately available again.

We hope you can understand and appreciate our situation and look forward to seeing all you genuine enquirers soon.

Thank you :)

Elaine, Dave and Girls