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All sales at CandE Cavies are strictly held to the following sales policy and guarantee. A copy of this policy is available when purchasing or is always available online after purchase. CandE Cavies has the right to refuse any sale. All sales are final and all deposits are non-refundable.


All of our guinea pigs will be healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale.
• A health check is carried out on all our guinea pigs regularly and any issues are addressed immediately.
• We will not knowingly sell any guinea pigs showing signs of illness.
• We handle our guinea pigs regularly. As such all of our guinea pigs have good temperaments.
• We will not sell any guinea pig that shows signs of aggression or biting.


• The guinea pigs we have listed on our For Sale pages are listed in healthy condition, of an excellent quality making them suitable for pets or hobbyist breeding only.
• Unless stated otherwise, our stock is not sold with the intention of showing.


Every attempt is made to ensure that all the information relating to these animals is accurate. However, due to their young age, mistakes can be made especially when sexing. If we do make a mistake, we will correct the information ASAP and notify relevant parties if necessary.


ALL prices are subject to change.
• Guinea Pigs - £20
• Pedigree Guinea Pigs - From £25

Holding Policy

We require a non-refundable deposit of £5 for each guinea pig to reserve them.
• We will hold guinea pigs for 3 days to allow for deposits to be received. After this, the guinea pigs will be made available until a deposit is received.
Animals can be held on your behalf for:
• Up to 1 week after the guinea pigs "Available" date if reserved in advance or;
• Up to 2 weeks should the guinea pig already be of an age suitable to be released from our care.
• Unless prior arrangements have been made, any guinea pig not collected within these time frames will be relisted as for sale on our sale page, and you will lose your deposit.
• All guinea pigs being held are still considered property of CandE Cavies until they have been paid for in full and collected from us.
• Should a guinea pig that has been reserved pass away then you will be offered an alternative or your deposit returned.


• We require the full balance to be settled on the day of collection in cash.
• Should you wish to settle the balance by cheque then this must be received by us and cleared prior to collection.
• When collecting your guinea pigs, please bring a suitable carrier or box. If you don't have one of you forget then we do have purpose made cardboard pet carriers but these do incur a charge of £1.50


ALL guinea pigs can be collected at an agreed time from CandE Cavies.
• If agreed beforehand, we will meet people at nearby shows. As long as we were due to be attending already, there will be no charge for this.
• We will, if agreed at time of purchase, personally deliver guinea pigs to the buyers address. We will expect to be reimbursed for our time and fuel.
• We know an excellent specialist Courier should you want your guinea pig(s) delivered to a distant address. More information upon asking.


• We will NOT sell any guinea pigs to anybody we believe to be under 16 unless accompanied by an adult.
• We will NOT sell any guinea pigs if we have any reason to believe they are being purchased for reasons other than to be kept as pets or hoobyist breeding.
• We have the right to refuse to sell any guinea pig without giving a reason but our decision is always final should we refuse.

After Sales/Refunds/Returns

• If any guinea pig is found to have any medical issue within 48hrs of purchase, that we could not have known beforehand, then we expect to be contacted immediately where a decision for subsequent care will be made.
• Should Veterinary care be sought prior to speaking to us, we will not be liable for any costs that arise.
• Once a guinea pig has settled in to their new home, we cannot accept any responsibility for any injuries, medical problems or death that may occur.
• Should you find yourself unable to continue looking after any guinea pigs purchased from us, we will happily take it back with a view to re-homing it appropriately.

General Notes

A supply of food will be included with the sale of any guinea pig to allow the buyer to wean them over to another brand if necessary. All guinea pigs also come with a care sheet though you can receive free advice for any guinea pig you purchase by contacting us via email or phone.

Advice is given freely and is based on our own experiences and knowledge obtained via reputable sources. We are not liable for any issues that may arise when using any advice we have given.


All money given when purchasing any of our guinea pigs is put back into the care and welfare of our own guinea pigs. We are only hobbyist breeders but do still have overheads such as food, bedding, hay, upkeep of hutches, toys, vets etc We make no profit from keeping our guinea pigs.


This Sales Policy is displayed and made available as a 'contract of good will' between the purchaser and us.